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Best Alternatives for Nvidia Shield TV Remote

Nvidia Shield TV is the most relaxed option to buy. It comes with so much sophistication and great features to ponder. Well if you are up to buy one or looking for a perfect alternative remote, we’ll help you out.

The remote that comes with Nvidia Shield TV is stylish and comfortable. In case you’ve missed them or looking for a remote with an upgraded feature like Power Button, Voice Control or a QWERTY Keypad? Scroll down for better alternative options.


It’s time to realize that there are perfect replacements that go great along with your Nvidia Shield TV. I have come up with some best alternatives and a top pick that I like the most. No more you need to worry over bringing in a perfect companion for your Nvidia TV anymore.

Editor’s Pick

Longshow Air Mouse Remote Control

  • Great Battery Backup
  • Power, Mic Button
  • Air Mouse Feature
  • 2.4 GHz range upto 15m

InExpensive Remotes for Nvidia Shield

Longshow Air Mouse Remote Control

Longshow Air Mouse Remote Control
Longshow Air Mouse Remote Control

Longshow remote is my favorite remote, it has everything I need. The buttons are pretty nice to touch and are clicky. Air mouse feature works very well and I feel like a wizard using it. Most cheap remotes alternatives for Nvidia Shield don’t have this level of quality, but this one has a brushed finished that comes off as little expensive.

  • Great Battery Life
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Long Range up to 15m
  • Media Button Controls
  • Lacking qwerty keypad

Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment

Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment

This can be your go-to remote if you like te stock Nvidia Shield remote and don’t want to get rid of it completely. This attachment adds extra functionality to your Nvidia Shield Remote like power button, media controls and much more. It also adds a physical space to your tiny Nvidia remote which will disappear in your couch easily.

  • Control your TV, Soundbar, Receiver and Nvidia Shield.
  • Compatible with all Nvidia Shield Remotes
  • IR learning
  • Easy to program
  • Lack of Back Button

Linkstyle Updated Air Mouse Backlit

  • Up to 10 meters transmission range
  • LED Backlit Buttons
  • Wide Compatibility with other devices
  • Learns up to 5 keys on your IR remote
  • Voice Input Function
  • Weak Battery Life (1 week)
  • Cheap Build Quality

Best Quality Remotes for Nvidia Shield

Logitech Harmony Companion

harmony companion logitech remote

No more you have to hunt for alternative remote that just sucks!  Logitech Companion is the perfect option ever. They come with easy compatibility and cool features that make a whole lot of your TV experience great.  This cool remote comes with a harmony hub. You need not worry over hooking up the internet via your WI-Fi.

Once it’s connected, you can do all your stuff seemingly without any great effort. The best part is that it comes with a Bluetooth connection feature.  It is an ideal partner for your Nvidia TV on all grounds.

There are a lot of alternatives options that are available but have poor performance.  It comes with an affordable price but with unsatisfying quality. I have tried a couple of other options and finally found this Logitech Harmony that comes hand in hand for my Nvidia TV.  You may find the cost a bit higher than an available product. But it’s definitely worth the chase.

Logitech Harmony Elite

harmony elite logitech remote

If you want a more refined product that comes with the upgraded product, you can go for Logitech Harmony Elite. It costs around $300, but this remote control is a luxury alternative.  It looks stylish and cool.  The best part is that it can do everything and its color touch screen is just stunning.

  • Easy-to-use remote with ergonomic design
  • Audio Visual System and Smart Home Controls
  • Excellent device support
  • No need for multiple remotes.
  • ZigBee and Z-Wave support requires an extra box
  • No Apple HomeKit support

This is bigger than the Logitech Harmony Companion. It is more extensive and comfortable. So, if you want a more sophisticated companion to your Nvidia Shield TV, this is the best hunt.

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