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Best Keyboards for Smart TV for Faster Typing

As technology is advancing, we can witness new things almost every day. Remember when TVs used to be a simple box that was used for entertaining us. In the world of gadgets till now, Television is the only appliance that has made the most progress. From being an idiot box to slim gadget hanging on our walls, TVs have made the most advancement.

Just like smartphones we now have smart TVs. With the internet connection, there is absolutely nothing that you can’t do on your TV now. From browsing on Google to using the Social Media apps like Facebook you can do all this on your TV. Most of the Smart TVs are now a bigger version of your smartphone. Whatever you do on the smartphone, you can now do on the Smart TV as well. If you are away from home and wish to keep a tab on your kids or house help you can connect the phone to the Smart TV and check on them via video calling.

As TVs are becoming smarter, various gadgets have become necessary. For example, if you wish to chat with the help of your smart TV or send an urgent email, you will face a lot of glitches while using the on-screen keyboard. Thus, many people wish to purchase a wireless keyboard to ease up their typing needs. There are many options available in the market and let me tell you about some of the best ones.

Fosmon Portable Lightweight Mini
  • Fosmon Portable Lightweight Mini Wireless Keyboard: This is a lightweight and portable keyboard. You can connect it with your TV as well as your computer. This has a very high battery life, and you won’t have to change the batteries now and then. The price of this Keyboard is worth every penny. You won’t be able to purchase a better wireless keyboard at this price.

Logitech K830
  • Logitech K830: the company has been manufacturing quality computer hard wares for ages and has always delivered the best. This keyboard has a premium texture and a metal finish on it. The touchpad is super smooth, and you can play games with the help of this keyboard as well. The built-in sensor allows the keyboard to study the room and changes the light on the keyboard accordingly. There is an option to optimize the keyboard to ease up the operations. The Bluetooth range of the keyboard is fantastic and goes up to 10 meters.

YAGALA backlit Mini
  • YAGALA backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard: the keyboard is small, lightweight and very easy to use. Compared to the two given above, this keyboard will provide you with maximum convenience. There are three backlight options, so can smoothly operate the keyboard in the dark too. The keyboard has a smooth design and has ensured durability. The company has taken the model from Apple and thus, it is very sleek and yet very strong. The keys are very smooth and won’t tire you even if you have worked very long or played some gripping nerve game.

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