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Best Long Range Wi-Fi Antenna

While these may seem unreal, they are actually up and there in fashion, providing you with a cutting edge technology that can give your wifi range, a serious hoot in the boost.

Let’s find out something about antennas first, shall we?

Main types of Wi Fi antenna:

  • Directional antennas

Directional antennas focus their signal at a specific point in a specific area.

They can offer long distance coverage but does not make itself available in a wide area.

  • Omnidirectional antennas

These provide 360 degree Wi fi coverage

Due to this, the range of coverage distance weakens

This works amazingly well for a relatively small area

Eg: within a home, office floor

How to get the most out of Omnidirectional antennas

  • Setting your router in the centre of your area of needs
  • Increase your router’s power
  • Avoid interference by moving solid objects away from the router
  • Remove interference from Bluetooth devices as well


1.   High Power USB-Yagi NextG-007GTi Plug and Play Directional Wi-fi Antenna

High Power USB-Yagi NextG-007GTi
  • Simple setup
  • Plug antenna into your computer and it works
  • Comes with a tripod
  • Helps in setting up the direction
  • 2200mW strength of the signal
  • Easy connection with networks that are situated and are functioning far away


  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Allows your computer to connect to a variety of networks
  • Even possibly connects to networks that exist far away
  • If you are far away from your router, then this wifi antenna is for you


  • Does not support apple products

2.   TP-Link TL-ANT2414A 2.4GHz 14dBi Outdoor Directional Antenna

TP-Link TL-ANT2414A
  • 14dBi connectivity of this makes it possible to connect access points over 0.8 km away.
  • Can also be utilized as a wireless bridge in your home
  • Can connect to a router with the help of an antenna port


  • Extends to the outdoor or indoor network
  • Can be connected to the router of your home/office


  • Covers less are in its range as compared to other antennas

3.   TP-Link TL-ANT2424B 2.4GHz 24dBi Directional Grid Parabolic Antenna

TP-Link TL-ANT2424B
  • Comes along with a mount for easy setup
  • Very powerful long-range coverage
  • Weatherproof- remains unaffected by outdoor climatic changes
  • Its range can vary from up to 1 km to 56 km!
  • Connects to most wireless devices with antennas present that are removable


  • Great device for those who are in need of connecting a Wifi signal over a really long distance that is to be covered.
  • It is hardy
  • Can be used in bad weather conditions


  • With all these great benefits comes expense
  • More expensive than the other two

Conclusively, these all are good antennas, the one that’s best for you depends on your usage of the wireless network.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post about long range antennas.

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