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Best Universal Remote for Sharp Roku TV

Have you lost your original Sharp Roku TV remote? or did your doggo chewed it?
Well, we are here to help you with a cheaper alternative than the original remote. However, if you want to buy the original one here’s the link to amazon.

The new Sharp Roku LC-RCRUS-17 is the remote which has smart keys remote that works amazingly well with any popular Sharp TV, including the LC series models too and much more. It is authorized by Hisense and comes packed and brand new with no programming required.

The Sharp Roku LC-RCRUS-17 never takes a back seat except for Samsung, which is legitimate with its Roku interface. We love it on TCL TVs, and we like it on the sharp specifically. It is effortless to navigate plus it shows a beforehand preview of what is going to play next on the input. It is the perfect remote for the Roku TV. The only thing that is cumbersome is the whole Roku account work, which is a task to manage. It involves creating an account or logging onto one if you already have it. We would love it if this changed for good.

The Roku remote is effectively functional and easy to use if not especially too fashionable.

This remote incorporates a minimal number of control and a small number of functions to handle the onscreen interface in a sophisticated way. It accommodates a headset jack so that you can listen to the TV without any disturbance whatsoever. It is not entirely fulfilling in appearance, but there is no argument for the efficiency that it provides.

This remote is an authentic model developed by Hisense, who is the supplier of sharp remotes. You can face some issues to pair this remote with your Ruko Tv. To solve these problems, you can search for the tips online and troubleshooting your Roku TV thoroughly.

Alternative for Original Roku TV Remote

Pros and Cons of Sharp Roku TV Remote

Everything comes with specific pros and cons. Let us know in detail the pros and cons of this remote for Sharp Roku TV:

  • Affordable Price
  • No Programming Needed
  • Shortcuts for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO now, etc.
  • It is too short.
  • Minimal Controls
Hey! Don’t Forget to Buy Batteries

Here are the AAA batteries that we use from AmazonBasics

How to Pair Remote with Sharp Roku TV

If there are issues pairing this remote to your Roku TV, please comprehend these steps:
You need to make sure that you can see the front of your Roku device from your sitting and using this remote. Then you need to confirm that no obstruction is coming in between the remote and your Roku device.
Try resetting the batteries that they are facing in the right direction.
See if the batteries need replacement.
Try aiming your remote at a camera.

If you own a smartphone with a camera embedded on it, then you can use it to recognize whether remote is sending the IR signal correctly or not. Smartphone cameras can see a broader range of light wavelengths than the human eye can usually see. Therefore, to detect the infrared light, we use a camera of the smartphone.

Then, you need to put your smartphone in the camera mode as if you are attempting to take a selfie and you should see yourself in the camera. Then, you have to hold the remote control in front of the open camera and press random buttons on the remote. If you cannot see the infrared signals flashing upon pressing the buttons, then you can try replacing the batteries with a new pair in the remote.

This remote features shortcut keys for Netflix, Sling, HBO NOW, and Amazon. It requires two AAA batteries which are not included in the set. The dimensions are approximately 5.6 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches, and the product weighs around 2.08 ounces.

Final Words
All that being said, it is quite a beneficial buy for the users of Roku TV. It is easy to use and comes with extremely high features. It is recommended to buy though it might not look that attractive, if you are a minimalistic lover like me then you should definitely consider it.

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