What is EPG Guide?

EPG is abbreviation for Electronic Program Guide.

EPG is put into application with set-up boxes of new television sets, to provide a list of the current or scheduled programs on the screen that are on-going or will start in some span of time. EPG is in a way, an electrical equivalent to a printed guide of TV shows. 

EPG is put into use through remote control device.

With the provision of menus, the user has the permit to view a list of programs for the next few hours, up to a week.

A particular EPG includes a set of parental controls, pay per view of program system, search on the basis of theme of the channel.

Each digital television provides different content for its EPG.

Electronic program guides are also listed as Interactive program guides on radio platform and television.


  • IPG support is made in modern receivers for digital cable
  • Comprises of over the air digital broadcasting
  • The most important aspect is graphical user interface (GUI)
  • IPGs allow user to search programs by genre
  • Recording of a chosen program can also be made
  • Reminders and Parent controls are included
  • Devices embedded in satellite television receivers
  • Rarely rely on third party listings

Some EPG systems are made in older set up boxes to receive terrestrial digital signals as the television and radios might possess weaker signal than the satellites and extra-terrestrial equipment.  EPGs built into new television such as Smart TV, digital terrestrial set-top box and antenna-ready DVR models featuring on-screen displays and interactive guide features that pose more comparable to their pay television set-top counterparts, including its ability to display grids and the ability – with an Internet connection – to access listings and content from services.

Types of EPG:

The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is a feature that allows you to scan an on-screen listing of available channels and television program data for an extended. Using a remote control, the user can select specific channels from the on-screen display to tune to a current broadcast and can even choose for programs to record.

There are 3 types of EPG available:

  • This Channel: The user gets a single channel’s EPG
  • Multiple Channel: The user get multiple channels EPG
  • Full EPG: The user get Multiple channel EPG plus Navigation
  This channel service Multiple channel service Full EPG service
Sets with small memory This channel This channel or multiple channel This channel or multiple channel or full EPG
Sets with sufficient memory This channel Multiple channel Full EPG

Pros of EPG:

  • Storing the data as a database in the TV
  • Separates the way data is presented or displayed from the way in which it is transmitted
  • Allowing the viewer to sort and store information in accordance to his preferences
  • Critical information is always available
  • Viewer has instant access to information

Cons of EPG:

  • The decision of choosing between EPG’s types can be difficult
  • On a lighter side, your child with EPG recorder at your house, faces full possibility of becoming a couch potato.

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