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Best Budget Gamepad for Android TV Box

As TVs are becoming smarter and smarter, we are falling short of things we cannot do on it. From downloading the numerous applications to use it just like your smartphone, there is hardly anything you can’t do on your smart TV.

Most of the smart TVs have an Android operating system. An Android operating system is one of the most efficient operating systems that supports the maximum number of applications.

best gamepads for android tv

With the ability of the smart TV and the power of Android the TVs are now capable of supporting even the strongest of games. You can purchase the Gaming Consoles and enjoy the games on your Android TV.

I have given you the list of some of the gaming consoles that you can consider while making the purchase. To play the game, you will have first to download the game from the Google Play Store. And then connect the gaming console to start playing.


MAD CATZ C.T.R.L.R Gamepad

To give you a glimpse of why this gaming console is best, an eight-year-old, participated in the world level competition with this gaming console. The reason why you should buy this is this console comes from a Premium Brand, has multimedia buttons, an option of mouse emulation and is exact. However, there are specific cons as well as you will have click buttons and the design is not very user-friendly.


Gamesir G4s Gamepad

Even though it is not the premium brand like its predecessor, but it is certainly priced like one. The quality of the device is no doubt very high, and it is made of durable materials and yet, very lightweight. The grip of the gaming console is pretty excellent.  The main advantages of the console are the changeable position of the left joystick, textured material for grip, lightweight and also comes with a wireless USB dongle.  The disadvantages of this console are average battery life.



This is an acclaimed Android gaming console. This console can be used for playing with multiple players. Apart from the convenience to the users, they are also worth their price. The battery life is one of a kind, and thus, you don’t have to charge it between games. But if you had to charge it, you will have to walk on a rocky path. The USB cable does not support the console well and thus setting the USB in the right position becomes a hectic task. Additionally, connecting the console is very tricky to the android device. The process requires a clear understanding of the instructions, and in some cases, you will have to consult the training video as well.



The main reason for this console being on the list is the cheaper price. It has a great design and very easy to use. This type of wireless console might be the only one in the whole wide world at the price that the company is offering. But as they say when you buy cheap you cheap. This console is not rechargeable, which means you will have to spend extra on batteries. Along with it, the console also doesn’t support Bluetooth.

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