Best Air Mouse for your Smart TV

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Air Mouse

Have you ever thought about air mouse for your Android TV? If not, this article is going to explain how much luxury you have missed! If you want to try a great product, we’ll help you out with some of the best products available.  Most of the air mouse comes with an integrated keyboard enhancing a whole lot of your smart TV experience. Just go through the list and find the cool features of air mouse with so much of specifications than ever before.

Reviews on the Latest Air Mouse‘s

Measy RC11

Measy RC11 is one of the most massive gyration air mouse you can ever find. It does look like, and a small and compact one but the touch feel a difference. They are heavy than you think. It has a high battery power with AAA batteries you can fit in the device.  If you love a very organiser air mouse go for it. Because the air mouse sets the entire button neatly arranged on one side of the remote! The keyboard is quite uncomfortable where it is being split into two halves according to its purpose.

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NEO A2 can be your best partner for your smart t if you love to have the comfort voice commands. Yes! They come with a  speaker and a built-in microphone. The case and the flip over is very comfortable.  It has a great sophisticated keyboard where your fingers won’t run into each other.  The overall sensitivity of the device is good, and in general, you won’t face any complaint regarding the sensitivity. This is a value for money product where the air mouse comes with all button features with the ease of connecting it to your smart TV.

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Tronsmart TSM -01

Tronsmart is a primary air mouse you can buy.  They are neat and compact if you want an air mouse with the basic features alone, you can go for it. Well, it has a keyboard and a gyroscopic sensor.  There is no number of buttons at the top.  The best feature is that your gyroscope is always on and you can use the D-Pad to make all the selections. The battery life is not something great to cherish. You are expected to charge it in the intervals of 2 to 3  days. Finally this good to go if you are satisfied with the basic remote features with keyboard and gyroscope!

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MX3 Multifunction Air mouse

If you are looking for a comfortable, compact and stylish product, go for it. Yes, it’s attractive with bright coloured buttons that distinguish each switch easily.  It is sleek and stylish.  The best part of MX3 is that you can use this air mouse for also your television.  This is a universal remote, and it goes well for all your needs. You can find a first gyroscopic sensor. There’s a small keyboard at the back side.  They do look a little messy with its compact size. Overall the features and specifications are excellent.

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