Best Filelinked Codes for Firestick & Android [Updated 2022]

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FileLinked is an awesome app for all its sharing features. But one thing that is difficult about it is remembering the codes for various repositaries. Don’t worry! We have put together a one stop article that contains all the Best FileLinked codes that provides you access to many different repositories offering different applications. This way you can quickly download apps on your Firestick and Android TV box.

Best FileLinked Codes 2022

First are the codes for some of the most popular repositories. You can get almost all the apps that are popularly used from these codes.

Stream Tech and Now-  51829986 (Updated July 16, 2020)

This code takes you to the most popular repo that has a variety of applications. You can get Live Tv apks, Tv shows & Movies apks, Sports apks. This repo is famous for providing ad free versions of most of the apps.

Updated Apps: Bee TV v2.4.7 (Original), CineHub HD v2.2.1 (Original), Cinema HD V2 2.2.0 (Original/Mod), CyberFlix v3.3.0, FilmRise v2.6.1 (Mobile), FreelixHQ Pro v4.4.0 (Mod), Nova TV v1.2.0 (Official/Ad-free), Old Movies v1.12.22 (Mod), Sofa TV v2.7 (Firestick & Mobile), Tea TV v10.0.4r (Original/Mod), Theater Plus v1.5 AF (Mobile, Tablet), TV Zion v4.2 (Original/Unlocked), Typhoon TV v2.3.0 (Original, Blue, Green, & Red Theme), UnlockMyTV v2.10, Viva TV v1.2.0 (Original/Ad-free), Zini Tevi v1.2.2 (Original/Ad-free), Airy TV v2.5.9 (Ad-free), Arena show v2.7 (Original), Elmubashir v6.6.7 (Ad-free), Media Lounge v1.0.6 (Official/Ad-free), FreeFlix TV v1.0.5 (Mod), HDTV Ultimate v3.0 (FireTV, Android), Kraken TV v1.4.9 (Ad-free), LineNetTV v4.7.4 (Official/Mod), Mobdro v2.1.86 (Official), Oreo TV v1.8.4, Peacock TV v1.0.4.

Stream It All- 67664537 (Updated July 16, 2020)

This code is like a one stop destination for someone who is setting up his new Firestick or Android Tv. It has all the essential apps along with entertainment apps. You can download TV Shows & Movies apks, Free IPTV apks, Paid IPTV apks, modified apps, and other utility tools.

Updated Apps: Nova  TV v1.2.0 (Original), Viva TV v1.2.0, Tea TV v10.0.4 (Ad-free), TV Zion v54 4.2 (Official), ZiniTevi v1.2.2 AF, UnlockMyTV v2.1.0 (Official), VidMix v85, OneBox HD v1.0.1, 1234Movies v1.0, Stremio v1.2.22, Cat Mouse v2.3 (Official), Cyberflix v3.3.0, Media Lounge v1.0.6 AF, Typhoon TV v2.3.0 (Official/Mod), Newest Movies HD v5.9, Kraken TV v1.4.9, BeeTV v2.4.7 (Offical/Mod), HDTV Ultimate v3.0, Cinema HD v2.2.1 (Official)/v2.2.0 (Mod), Theater Plus v1.0 (Firestick)/v1.50 (Android), SFlix v1.2.4 (Android), ATV Launcher Pro v0.1.5, Movie HD v5.0.5, Megashows v3.5 AF, Smart Youtube TV v6.17.697 (Android TV), Watch HD Films Online 2018 v3.1.0 AF, NaAd TV v6.1 AF, NewPipe v0.19.5 (Mod), Moviebase v2.3.1 (Premium), Cinemax HD v2.3 (Original), KingClubX v2.0.7 (Ad-free), Airy TV v2.5.9 AF (Android TV), FreeFlixHQ v4.4.0.

New Tech Evolution- 22222222 Pin:4754 (Updated July 12, 2020)

This code is among the oldest codes and is well-known for always updating the apps on a regular basis. You can get apps that offer Kodi Builds, Movies & TV Shows, Live TV, IPTV, External Players, and a good number of utility apps.

Updated Apps: TV Zion v4.2, Movie Box Plus v2, Cinema HD v2.2.0, Sofa TV v2.7, ZiniTevi v1.2.2, BeeTV v2.4.7, Phantom TV, TeaTV v10.0.0, CyberFlix TV v3.3.0, Nova TV v1.2.0, FreeFlixHQ v4.4.0, Theater Plus v1.5, UnlockMyTV v1.4.9, CineHub v2.2.2.

Dr. Venture- 27256340 (Updated July 17, 2020)

Another great code which offers a variety of apps, ranging from Live TVapks, TV Shows & Movies apks, Kodi Builds, and utilities apps. This one is also updated on a regular basis which helped it score a position on our top chart.

Updated Apps: Exousia, Media Lounge (Official), Nova TV, CyberFlix TV, Cinema HD, Cinemax HD, Tea TV, Viva TV, Theater Plus, UnlockMyTV, BeeTV, Movie Hunt, Popcorn Time, FreeFlixHQ, HD Movies.

Electrical M.DSuper App Store- 85810914 (Updated July 13, 2020)

The code belongs to a popular Youtuber who is dedicated to the community. It contains apps for Tv Shows & Movies, Kodi Builds, popular players, and utilities. The reason we like this repo is because of the fast upates it offers. He always updates the apps whenever the developers drop a new update.

Updated Apps: CyberFlix v3.3.0, Cinema HD v2.2.1, Tea TV v10.0.4, ZiniTevi v1.2.2, Nova TV v1.2.0, Viva TV v1.2.0, Media Lounge v1.06, Typhoon TV v2.3.0, BeeTV v2.4.7, TV Zion v4.2, FreeFlixHQ v4.4.0, Oreo TV v1.8.4, Mobdro v2.1.84.

These were the codes for the top filelinked repositories. But there are still many worth mentioning apart from these. We have categorized them according to their specialty.

Best Filelinked Codes for Kodi

  •   27256340 Dr. Venture (Updated July 17, 2020)
  •   28002962 – Diggz Xenon Fan Store (Updated June 23, 2020)
  •   67664537 – Stream It All (Updated July 16, 2020)
  •   76908483 | Pin: 2010 – Ezzer Mac Build and APK
  •   36260523  Kodi APKs and Forks
  •   44427643  Peters Youtube 2018 Build Wizards and Repos
  •   20469053 – APK Forks PYTHONBUILDS45 & The Tank Show Youtube channels – Many updated Kodi APK files for various forks and builds (Updated June 7, 2020)

Best Filelinked Codes for Games

  • 11039868 – NxtLvLTech (Updated July 17, 2020)
  • 84690637 – (Pin 7581) Cut The Cable Store Specializes in Game Emulators that are compatible with the Firestick and Android devices. It also provides popular Movie Apps, Kodi, IPTV Players, and some utility apps. (Updated July 16, 2020)
  • 73047734  James Evans
  • 23119623  Myst Da-Man (Updated May 7, 2020)
  • 71607934  Firesticks TV (Updated July 15, 2020)

Best Filelinked Codes for Modded APK’s

  • 51829986  Stream Tech and Now (Updated July 16, 2020)
  • 76705196 | Pin:3223 – Apps by Kevin Porteous (Updated July 16, 2020)
  • 11039868  NxtLvLTech (Updated July 17, 2020)
  • 53053526  Ultraraaj (Updated July 13, 2020)
  • 85810914  Electrical M.D. Super App Store (Updated July 13, 2020)

Best Filelinked Codes for Live TV Apps

  • 71607934  Firesticks TV (Updated July 15, 2020)
  • 51829986  Stream Tech and Now (Updated July 16, 2020)
  • 56001333  Hidden Gem (Updated July 15, 2020)
  • 67664537  Stream It All (Updated July 16, 2020)
  • 17779393  Jo714 Filelinked Store (Updated July 12, 2020)

Best Filelinked Codes for Free VPN’s

  • 27844165  Tech Info Store (Updated February 13, 2020)
  • 71607934  Firesticks TV (Updated July 15, 2020)
  • 80454071  KP APKS (Updated July 11, 2020)
  • 64246254  JM85 (Updated January 30, 2020)
  • 27256340  Dr. Venture (Updated July 17, 2020)

Best Filelinked Codes for Sports

  •   13131313 | Pin:4545 – Youtuber’s Optimum Bliss
  •   51829986  Stream Tech and Now (Updated July 16, 2020)
  •   76908483 | Pin:2010  Ezzer Mac Build and APK
  •   56001333  Hidden Gem (Updated July 15, 2020 )
  •   17779393  Jo714 Filelinked Store (Updated July 12, 2020)

Other Useful Filelinked Codes

11111111 No PIN required Official Filelinked Store
96031172 PIN: 1234 This code contains a number of Terrarium clones.
91195389 No PIN required Best Kodi 17.6 Builds.
80409018 No PIN required Kodi 18 Builds and More.
38069272 No PIN required From Joe’s Place, this code is focused around Firestick APK’s.
47603928 No PIN required Also from Joe’s Place, this code is focused around Android Apps.
17779393 No PIN required JoappsReviews
74747474 No PIN required Cb74 Filelinked Store
77688763 No PIN required Metro Vancouver Android Support
32364318 No PIN required iTrustStream
16248134 No PIN required Streaming apps by Tripple M
54074835 No PIN required Portal Pros
64539676 No PIN required Jojos AmazingVideos Apk
74861473 No PIN required Jojos Amazing TV Services
16553983 No PIN required Doug’s Filelinked List
87868941 No PIN required Bienvenidos a GeekTvPR Media Super App Store
76115743 No PIN required Kingson APK Store
91945310 No PIN required Prime Tyme TV Firestick Setup Library
74238464 No PIN required Bobbyv123
12906735 No PIN required Mr. Android
44427643 No PIN required 2018 Build Wizards and Repos


File Linked is a repository collection (repo’s), which allows users to download multiple applications to any Android device simultaneously. On Firestick and Android TV devices, File Linked has been most commonly used.

FileLinked is really the best way to download and install the best Firestick and Android TV streaming apps. Designers can create their own repo’s in which they will upload various files which are available to anyone who has the code. You can even set a PIN for your repo, if you want to.

Users can enter file-linked codes in the File Linked app, which allows them to browse the repo and download videos, photos and other files available there. This is an easy way to share with other users a list of recommended or popular apps.


It is both free and safe to use File Linked. It is suggested to ensure that when using File Linked, you have a virus scanner or malware security software installed on your Firestick or Android TV box since there are currently no security measures included in File Linked to detect malicious apps that may involve a virus. Unlike the Play Store, which has strict security measures, any app can be uploaded to File Linked repositories, making it easy for users to install an undetected virus if there is no security detection app on your device.

Some of FileLinked’s streaming apps are based on torrents. If used, when downloading or streaming using a Torrent, your IP address, as well as other related data on your network, may be logged. Torrents work to some extent by sharing bandwidth. While you download (or stream from) a Torrent, you probably share, part of that movie, by enabling other Torrent people to download a chunk of the file that is saved on your gadget, also known as seed (or seeding).

Downloading or streaming is illegal in most countries, and when seeding a torrent, it means that you have accessed (and shared) part of the Movie file using your IP address, which leads to the distribution of copyright content, which is handled very severely in some countries and can lead to criminal charges.

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